meneer Paprika Haarlem

I have a confession to make… This week I visited Meneer Paprika, for the first time!! I can hear some of you thinking… Meneer Paprika?! Meneer Paprika is a store where you can buy vintage furniture, hipster bikes, 3d printing materials and a lot of fun children stuff. It is also a store where you can have your lunch, celebrate your childs birthday party and where your little one can make its own lunch.

meneer Paprika Haarlem

I watched an artist making jewellery with a 3D printer, almost bought a pinata (what for??), and gazed at some fantastic vintage homedeco pieces (from an oldschool snowboard to a dressoir from Pastoe).

meneer Paprika Haarlem collage

Yes, this was my first time.. but many more to come!

Koningstraat 19-21
2011 TB Haarlem
Tel: 023-2023268