Rem eiland Amsterdam

This is where I went last Sunday, REM-Island. All ingredients where there for a good late afternoon: a great location, an overwhelming view, three of my BFF’s and ofcourse… my iPhone.

Bonnie taking Pics

REM-Island is situated in Amsterdam right at the IJ lake and the Minerva harbour. It has a rich history (no, not as a drilling platform), starting in the sixties as a more or less illegal, commercial TV station in the North Sea,  (more history you can read here). In 2011, after a huge renovation (they build a departement on top of it) it started as a hotspot restaurant in Amsterdam.

So this Sunday – I couldn’t stop shooting pics – I had to force myself to follow my friends upstairs. I could convince them to take the stairs instead of the elevator, I didn’t want to miss anything of this giantic view.

I think the first floor has some office rooms. At the second floor there is a bar with some nice old details.

Rem Eiland Amsterdam interieurRem Eiland Amsterdam interieur

At the third floor is the restaurant located. And the upper floor is – I dare to say – one of the best terrasses in Amsterdam. The whole interior at REM-island is a mix between urban/industrial details and a touch of offshore elements. I love it! We went for the third floor and ordered a nice bottle of Gruner Veltliner.

Rem Eiland Amsterdam Gruner VeltlinerRem Eiland Amsterdam fish plate

We were to early for dinner and too late for lunch. Luckily they had some side dishes for us: a delicious fish plate, some cheese and olives. Well that was all we really needed; as mentioned we had each other, the view, our phones and some hilarious conversations (mostly about the new dating app Tinder, read my story here).

Rem Eiland Amsterdam view

REM-Island has a mostly French card and what I’ve been told and experienced from an earlies visit is that it is really good. The prices are very acceptable, you can check them here if you wish.

So… if you are into great food and drinks and at the same time you want something apart from your tablemate (an overwhelming view for example), you really should check-in at REM-Island.

REM eiland Restaurant
Haparandadam 45-2 1013 AK  Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 – 6885501

(PS: REM stands originally for Reclame Exploitatie Maatschappij (such as Advertising Exploitation Company)).

Rem Eiland