Family walk
I’ve got lots of favourite pastimes. And for many years it was definitely NOT a walk in the forrest. Ugh, that thing you had to do with your parents when you where little. But that is how the story goes; you get older, become a parent and before you know it, you walk in the forest with some relatives and some grumpy children, who hate walking in nature ofcourse, simply because they have to…

My niece J. and I also had other motivations. We went to an Ugg monstersale last Friday and bought the most beautiful AND cheapest Uggs ever, for the whole family. They had to be worn!! 

Uggs for the family

We were with 3 grownups and three children. We went to Duin & Kruidberg (yes, that kind of forrest where your parents forced you to go to in your childhood).

Duin & Kruidberg

We walked for about an hour, searched for chestnuts, investigated some mushrooms, climbed a tree or three, spotted a rainbow and played “changing trees” (ever played that game? So much fun, we got bellyache from laughing!!)

Duin & Kruidberg  regenboog Duin & Kruidberg  boom klimmen
Duin & Kruidberg  boompje wissel

Other favourite things for me to do on Sunday:
– spending time with my daughter Mia (but the time is near that that feels too to a obligation
(to her that is))
– reading a book and/or magazines
– shopping (ofcourse)
– watching movies (3 at least)
– family/friends time
– writing
– visiting hotspots
– etc

I am curious, what is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Ruine van Brederode