I did! With one hand in my pocket 🙂 Did you know making handstands does all kinds of good for your body (no, it’s not just just showing off…) Here is why:
– it seems to improve your concentration and memory
– it nourishes your facial skin
– it improves your blood circulation
– it stimulates the 7th chakra (?)
– it gives you a sense of your childhood
 handstand beach
I’m doing handstands ever since I was little.  At six I took turnlessons and got way better! 
At 8 I found out that my grandmother Mia was quite flexibele herself. She was in her fifties at that time!!
handstand with granny Mia
So at 15 – I was in that time 3rd on the Northern Holland turn championships – I got more interested in boys and cigarettes and I stopped gymnastics.
The handstand stayed however.
pinkpop handstand
A handstand can express much, as above a letter (I am in the N, this was at Pinkpop 2003 I think).
handstand zandvoort
Or you make a handstand with your daughter against a pole (a handstand is perhaps even hereditary??)
It also can be well mixed with a cartwheel, like here in Etretat.
cartwheel Etretat
As you can see, I have a lot of joy making handstands. Maybe you wanna try it yourself? I know many of you think they’re too old (and some of you are in fact… @mom, please don’t try this at home, or elsewhere. This is what could happen…).

So, it’s your time now.  Here is a how-to video I found on youtube. Enjoy!