sweet smoothie peer spinach

I know, I know, judging from the looks of this smoothie it doesn’t deserve the Prettiest Victoria Secret Model Of The Year Award…  But then there is that taste, so sweet!!!

This morning I ran out of almond milk. Almond milk is the base of most of my breakfast smoothies. I thought, why not use that new (sugarfree) pearjuice?! While adding the ingredients I came up the idea of adding some fresh spinach aswell.

This is what I put together in my blender:

– pear juice
– 1 banana
– pomegranate seeds (one hand, frozen)
– blueberries (one hand, frozen)
– 4 hands fresh spinach

The first sip of this smoothie in my NY Giant mason jar gave me so much energy! And when the radio started playing Stars on 45 I found myself dancing wildly in my livingroom… Mia however moans desperately “stop it Mum, the curtains are open!!