Most parts of my working life are great. But some of them really rule! Yesterday I was allowed to visit a catwalk show from fashion designer Dennis Diem. Dennis Diem? I like fashion, but I’m not thát into designers. And what do I wear?? I’m so excited. This is my first catwalk show!!

Dresscode: tenue de ville. I choose my new huge dotted, slim, over knee skirt with a casual shirt (which needed definitely an iron, I see now), a small fake-fur and high-heeled boots.  It was a fairly safe outfit, especially when I spotted all the real fashionista’s wearing the most beautiful dresses, shoes, gloves, accessoires etc. (Here you see me with my collegue Vera).

Bonnie & Vera

Some of the guys (yes, they’re all male underneath) dressed up as real creations and that’s exactly the fantastic part of the (fashion) game, don’t you think?

high heels catwalk

The doors to the show opened. Dianne just bought me a fresh Scropino, sadly I was not allowed to get it in. But the excitement getting in at my first fashion show felt so good, who needs alcohol (at such a moment) anyway?! Wow this was great… seated at row 5, right at the end of the catwalk. Here the models make their turns, facing arrogantly all those focussed photographers.

fashion photographers

The music started and the first models entered. I’m immediately distracted by this pitiful thin model, barely 15 years old. In 4 years this could be my own daughter!!

skinny models

I was able to let it go. Completely surprised to spot… Marilyn Monroe in the audience?! marilyn monroe catwalk show

The music was great and so was the fashion (not completely my cup of tea but I got the bigger picture). My mind started to wander and suddenly I spotted this lovely ceiling. A Diems’ creation too?

ceiling lichtfabriek

Those ridiculous high heels made me worry, that’s asking for trouble isn’t it?! And yes, there is the first girl flat on her face. Soon the other models follow. Accidentilly? Hard to tell. Some of them are really crashing mercilessly and some of them create a fantastic choreography out of it.  Accidentily I filmed one crash… What do you think, a dancer or a faller?

crash catwalkmodel Dennis Diem

However, I felt sorry for the girls who didn’t fake their fall. The last girl was so young and insecure, she fell about three times and couldn’t get up on her own. Shakily she made ​​her way backstage, unfortunately we did not see her come back for the grande finale..

So, can I now say that I do have a crush on catwalk shows? Yes, definitely! But if I may suggest some international improvements: take care of the models. Watch their weight and psyche. And get rid of those ridiculous high Gaga shoes….

(btw: I was happy to read today that at least most of the catwalk crashes yesterday at Diems’ where the work of choreographer Rocco Vermijs and three of his dancers. Dennis made this up because he gets sick and tired of people complaining about his shoes… Ehh Dennis, carpe diem man ;-))