The Tinadag is a yearly big event in Holland for girls from 7 till 15. You get to see great (Dutch) artists, can do some shopping, take a swim in the Tikibad and there is also a lot of roalercoaster fun. It’s held in September in Duinrell, The Hague.
And of we go, 4 “girls” (two eleven year-old and two of them slightly older..) on their yearly trip. All of them exited, for different reasons ofcourse.

We went for two nights and stayed in a so called Duingallow. So easy to stay overnight; you avoid the trafficjam (it can get really crowdy) and during the long day stuffed with lovely, yelling, pink (dresscode) teenagers, you can withdraw yourself with a good glass of white (we took the Gruner), build a new blogsite (if your lucky, the wifi is quite bad) and enjoy the sun (for that you also need some luck ;-))

We had such a great time! This was the third year in a row, many more to come!

X Bonnie