Pllek Amsterdam Noord

When you are in Amsterdam you should definitely visit Amsterdam-Nord. It’s a great urban region with fantastic industrial hotspots. One of them is Pllek situated directly at the IJ. At Pllek they describe themselves as a creative hangout. And yes, that feels right. We were there last weekend, visiting the Fleemarket at the IJ-hallen (here is my article about this fleemarket). Unfortunately we had no luck with the weather… It was raining, storming and thus freezing cold. But inside Pllek, it was warm and cosey.

Pllek Amsterdam Noord

At Pllek they serve foods and drinks from 9.30 till 22.00 hrs. The menu is basically made for grownups, at least for lunch we experienced. We were there round 14.00 hrs with three children and they weren’t up for a croquet with goatcheese or something like that. So all we took were some big hot chocolats with cream, they were delicious!

Pllek is not just a place to eat and drink, you can also practice yoga, do meditation, watch various artists and live performances. See their agenda.

Pllek Amsterdam Noord verkeerspaal

Pllek is a great place in the summer too, you can relax at Pllek’s homemade beach and watch the sunset (or rise if you prefer). More about Pllek in the summer at Anne’s blog  Your Little Black Book.

TT Neveritaweg 59, 1033 WB Amsterdam, 020-2900 020