IJ-hallen NDSM Werf

While writing this down I’am in front of our fire place, warming up with a hot cup of tea, thick socks, wearing pyjama’s and yes… also gloves (with cutoff fingers ofcourse). Oh we had a great time at this giantic fleemarket, but we were soken wet because of the wind and rain outside. At the NDSM Werf you can’t just go in, there is so much beauty to see outside too!

IJ-hallen NDSM Werf entree

About this fleemarket: it’s held in Amsterdam at the IJhalen at the so called NDSM Werf. The environment is really fantastic, an urban place with great wallart, rusty objects, vintage machines and industrial buildings. The fleemarket itself takes place at two of those buildings.

IJ-hallen NDSM Werf collage

I am told that usually you don’t come home with your wallet still full of money. But our fingers were so cold, we couldn’t get a penny out of our pocket. The cockroaches above are set up by the way, otherwise I guess they were also frozen to death :-). Do you see at the right picture above the fantastic crane? Only for these industrial elements it’s worth visiting the IJ-hallen.

IJ-hallen NDSM Werf collage

The fleemarket is held once a month. For sure I come back, and if it”s winter: well prepared wearing my Uggs, gloves and fake fur coat.

T.T. Neveritaweg 15
1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord

About the NDSM Werf the website says:
“From a rugged shipyard to a creative hotspot:
NDSM is the historical remainder of the largest shipyard in Amsterdam, now developing itself into a creative city at the north bank of the IJ river.”