Yesterday I was visiting the Hembrug terrain in Zaandam.

For work I had to go to a videoshoot and I was told it was in an old barn, very cold and windy. So wearing all my new UGG accessoires (yes I had a monstersale two weeks ago)  I was prepared  for the worst. But I couldn’t have imagined seeing so much beauty that morning!!

Hembrug Terrain 1

Hembrug Terrain 2

It appeared that the Hembrug terrain was a huge area entirely filled with beautiful old, monumentally, unrestaured factories! Pff I thought I started to cry from happiness but I had to keep my head up straight, there were collegues and advertisers… I had some serieus work to do.

Hembrug Terrain videoshootHembrug Terrain videoshoot

In a few stolen minutes I ran outside to take some urban pics. You should have seen me sneaking around that muddy terrain trying to keep my Uggs clean, balancing on a rock or dirty pallet, my iPhone up in the air to get the best picture.

Hembrug Terrain doorHembrug Terrain roofThe Hembrug terrain has quite an interesting history as a place where for years ammunitions were produced. There were bullets, guns and riffles made. I was told they also made some serious things as bombs and mustardgass. Actually, we were shooting the video at a location with a completely shooting range underneath.

When exploring the terrain I didn’t see anything of it’s agressive history. All I could see was beauty, created by artists, upcoming creative agencies and (abandoned) stills.

Hembrug Terrein ZaandamView Hembrug

These days the Hembrug terrain is being renovated. Listed partly as an Unesco monument there are big plans for the area: it has to become something like – or even better as – the Westergas terrain (a smaller but similar terrain, already completely restaured).  Till then there is at the Hemburg Terrain a museum, there are some guided walkingtours and photo expeditions and occasionally events & festivals.

urban windows

Hembrug terrein binnenHembrug terrein buiten

Getting there wasn’t quite a punishment as well. Surrounded by water and thus industrial beauties, it made my euphorie definitely complete.

Hembrug terrein sunsetHembrug terrein boats

Hembrug terrein cranes

So, when you are planning to visit Zaandam to go for shopping (they have it all, Zara, Mango, H&M, Primark etc) or spending a night at this great hotel (the Inntel hotel), be sure to visit the Hembrug Terrain as well… recommended!

Inntel Hotel Zaandam