muffins zucchini

Today a miracle happened… I used my oven!!! If you know me you’d know I’m not that much of a cook. I like fine and healthy food though, but I rather throw everything together in my blender making green juices or vegetables soups. Mia however isn’t often very pleased: “o no mum not again a smoothie for breakfast?!” So today I planned to surprise her and bake her some muffins.

But… there’s that thing I have against sugar (and E-numbers)…

So they had to be sugar- and additives free muffins. Didn’t my collegue Vera sent me a recipe for savoury (hartige) muffins a few weeks ago? Yes, found it… I’m not sure if this will make Mia happy. Take a look the ingredients:

ingredients muffins zucchini

-1 small onion
-some chive (NL: bieslook)
-2 cloves of garlic
-3/4 zucchini (NL: courgette)
-2 eggs
-2 ts tartar (NL: wijnsteen) bakingpowder
-1/2 ts salt
-some pepper
-1/2 paprika
-6 ts melted coconut oil
-100 gram chick pea flower (NL kikkererwtenmeel)

Sounded healthy, I was positive. I only had to be sure NOT showing the ingredients to Mia, otherwise she would refuse eating the muffins in advance.. No worries, she was busy playing Minecraft on her iPhone anyway:-)

children activitiesThe steps:

-preheat the oven to 180 graden
-grate the zucchini (rasp de courgette)
-fry the onion, garlic and paprika for a few minutes in the coconut oil
-mix all ingredients
-divide between 6  muffin tins
-bake in 30 minutes

beslag kikkererwten muffinskikkererwten muffinsAnd… TADAAAAA. The smell was great (somewhat healthy maybe). Even Sjakie got very curious (but that’s not so special, where there is food there is Sjakie, we call our cats obesicats…)

kikkererwten muffins ready
So I must say I am very enthusiastic about these muffins. Mia however. her face fell at the first bite haha…

hapje kikkererwten muffinsNice about this recipe is that you can be creative with the ingredients. What about adding sundried tomatoes and some pizza herbs?

Good luck baking your own!