kaki's smoothie

Suddenly they were there… Kaki’s. Orange fruits, from the outside easily confused with some light coloured tomatoes.  I had never heard of them! So being very curious (and ofcourse the attractive price) I bought six of them. What next…

Kakis supermarkt

Looked them up on google and read on Wikipedia that they are loaded with tannins and therefore you cannot eat to much of them. Ough what did I bought? I read on and found out that the modern versions are much more friendly and the taste is very sweet, comparible with peaches, grapes and bananas. You can eat them with the peel, use them in salads or…. blend them!! (yes)

So I put some ingredients together and made a very nice smoothie:

Kakis supermarkt

– 2 Kaki’s
– 1 banana
– one hand froze rasberries
– one hand froze blueberries
– 1 ts hennep seeds
– 4 ts oat meal
– 1 ts coconut flakes
– 1 ts raw chocolate
– 300 ml almond milk

Cheers Mia, this one will keep me warm and energized watching you playing hockey.

Smoothie cheers