Mia spiral slicerToday I made for lunch a lovely fresh and energizing salad. Lately I often use my spiral slicer to make delicious strands from zucchini, cumcumber, carrots and sweet potatoes. Mia saw me working with the spiral slicer and took over immediately. So it wasn’t only for our daily dose of vitamins, preparing this salad, it was also for our daily dose of cosiness.

The ingredients:

– 1 cumcumber
– 1 red paprika
– smoked chicken
– 1 avocado
– 1 hand crushed pecan nuts
– flag- and sunflower seeds
– pepper/salt

For the dressing I used some honey, oil and vinegar

And here is the result:

spiral slicer

I bought the spiral slicer on the internet at this address. And here is a youtube video how to use it (you might immediately wanna go to 4.00 minutes and try to not be distracted by the teacher…)

Enjoy! (your salad)