Fuck art

Today I visited the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam-Noord. Great location (Kromhouthal), great art and a great (global) initiative.

The organisation at the Affordable Art Fair wants to make art accessible for everybody and thus affordable. There are artworks for sale from 100 euro’s till 5.000 euro’s.

As said, held at a great location in Amsterdam-Noord, the Kromhouthal. An old fabric where in the 18th century ships were build. The contrast between the modern art and the urban details of the Kromhouthal were fantastic!

And ofcourse there was a very nice view at The IJ.

affordable art fair road signaffordable art fair entranceaffordable art fair view IJ

About the art… There were all kinds of arts. Here is an overview of the works that attracted my attention somehow.

These first pieces would be loved by my daughter Mia (11) also. A bit present popart I guess.. The Barbie was fantastic, it had that kind of technic that the newspaper dress dissapears when you walk along. I really love this kind of art, not too complicated. And that matchbox would perfectly suit next to our woodstove.

affordable art fair katrienaffordable art fair matchbox tableaffordable art fair barbie

But then my heart hit on… Banksy art was here!!!!!

affordable art fair banksy Pulp Fictionaffordable art fair banksy Queen Elisabethaffordable art fair banksy prices

Unfortunately for me still not affordable… Wish I was at Central Park a few weeks ago where Banksy himself sold pieces for 60 dollars

The monkey underneath was completely made of straws. Nice b*d n’est ce pas?

affordable art fair gorrillaaffordable art fair

A good tattoo is also a fine piece of art, don’t you think? These were really wonderfull images. At the right an artpiece I really love; it simply is an old record of the Sex Pistols framed onto the British flag into a great painter list. Idea for a DIY project with your old records?

affordable art fair tattoosaffordable art fair Sex Pistols

My conclusion of these art fair hours: it was fun, inspiring and accessible. Here you’ll find some detailed information.

Art is for everybody!

affordable art fair