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I love the app Room for Thought! I started using the app in August this year. The idea is very simple; make your personal photo journal by taking one photo at a random moment, every day. And that could look like this:

Room for Thought Bonnie

How does it work:
The app sends you a daily “Pic your moment now” message. That could happen  at any random moment. Right on that moment you click on the message and the app opens.  You see a nice and friendly message for 10 seconds (a room for thought, could be a recipe or a phrase f.e.) and then you get three seconds to point (or turn) the camera. Picture is taken automatically. And by this you create your daily “occasionally” picture diary.

The most fun about the app I think is the moment you have to take the picture. In my case, when I am at home, Mia and I yell “pic your moment, come quickly!!!” We strike a pose and CLICK. Or when I’m at work in a meeting.. I suddenly rise up my camera and CLICK.

Here is a casevideo about the app.

Sometimes the picture is really a failure, but then there are the nice filters. There is always one to brighten up your life and cover your puffy eyes. You can add text and share your pictures on Facebook/Twitter or make them public. But only if you wish I keep mines to myself. Pictures are saved in the app and also on you cameraroll.

Room for Thought Bonnie

I must admitt, sometimes I cheat. For example when I get the “Pic your moment now” message when I’m taking a shower… Or when I know I have a way better photogenic moment later that day. But I never skip a day.

Mia’s got the app too. But since you sometimes get a “Pic your moment now” message in the evening, it is not always suitable for her (she sees the message the next day in the morning but her moment has gone by then). Besides, she prefers playing Minecraft on her iPhone with her friends anyway (especially when there is a blanket, a cat and tea & cookies).

minecraftenThe app is FREE and made by a Dutch design studio: Studio Room.
Available for iOS and Android.

If you think I definitely should try an app you really enjoy, please let me know!!