For months… What!! for years now we are dreaming of going to New York! We decided to plan a citytrip New York when Mia was ready for middle school. And that time is now!!! So last week I bought in a kind of impulse two tickets New York WEEHOOOOO!!

We are going for 6 days at the end of this month (April). I booked a room via AirBnB in Brooklyn. We are planning on acting (alsmost) completely as locals. For sure we take the hop on hop off bus and visit Times Square. But we are also paying a visit to the local barbershop, buy stuff at some (food)markets, rent skeelers or a bike and go exploring Central Park. I also bought tickets for my favourite band Nickel Creek, who happen to play in the Beacon Theater exact on the time we are there!

But that’s not all..

What is a trip to the States worth when you don’t want to completely immerse yourselve in the All American Dream? Therefore we are planning to visit a honkbal match of the New York Yankees. With the help of David from Sportsafaris we managed to get some great (really affordable) tickets. Unbelievable the New York Yankees are actually playing a home match right then (also!).

New York trip central park

What about the Guggenheim.. How many hours do the days have in America, 34 right? It’s gonna be a fantastic citytrip New York!

I’m very curious… what would you recommend  us to do in New York (considering we more or less want to act like locals)? Is it possible to go the beach? Did you ever take the Brooklyn streetart walk tour? Is there an urbun culture park? Could you recommend really great Instagram hotspots?

Prepare to expect a lot of New York PLOGS at the end of April 🙂

Verslag New York dag 1 & 2

Verslag New York dag 3 & 4

Naar de Yankees in New York

Vliegen naar New York? Eitje…